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Custom Print with RAD

At Rockford Art Deli, we’ve been doing custom screen printing since 2004. We have worked with hundreds to clients to deliver some exceptional designs. Custom printing is a great idea for promoting your brand, especially with your message on a quality shirt that’s sustainable. People will have that shirt for a very long time, and it’ll evoke happy memories that went along with the shirt. That means that your brand stays right there...and it’s a sweet association.

One can really have a blast with a perfect t-shirt. More often than not, the best t-shirt designs jump right out of our customer’s heads. So fill out the form below and drop your idea into our hands. Together, we’ll put your vision into a physical form that you can sport all over the place.

RAD Priorities

Partnering with us for your custom apparel is a choice we truly don't think you will regret. Actually, by partnering with us, you help YOUR fellow human, and those to come. By choosing RAD, you help us in our efforts to prioritze People, Planet and the Products we use.



The RAD team is paid a very competitive living wage rate plus RAD covers 75% of health care for all full time team members. We really like our team members and we think they deserve to be treated well. Beyond our team, RAD has a passion to support those in our community whenever possible. In 2020, we were so grateful to be able to donate over $110,000 back to local businesses during shelter in place. We also offer 10% off on all custom print orders for non-profits.



The Planet needs to be on the top of our priority list, after the team since - as they say - we've only got one of them. We know we don't have sustainability down to perfection, but we can humbly say that we are working as hard as we can at RAD to protect this beautiful planet. Take a look at our sustainability page to see a list of all our efforts. This is a great place to live and adventure and we are doing all we can to keep it that way.



Many don't understand the very real problem faced by purchasing unethically made garments. Ethically made products matter! Most custom shops use whatever materials are the cheapest to accomplish better margins or to meet a very low budget for custom garments.

That's not how we do things at RAD. We pride ourselves on using about 90% ethically made garments for custom orders and our own RAD clothing line. The other 10% of our garments we are still digging and dedicated to finding out all the manufacturing practices in place.

Too many print shops use garments produced in unethical factories and don't focus print methods or eco-concious processes.


1.  When can I expect my custom design items to be done?

Standard turnaround time is 10-14 business days from the time deposit is paid and art is on file.

2.  What happens when I want you to create the design for me?

Your logo and branding kits are outsourced to our freelance artists. They create the magic!

3.  I love the design you created! Can I have the art file to use for other items?

Sorry, but nope. Art we create for printing is owned by Rockford Art Deli. We will not distribute art files for customers' personal use.

4.  Do I have to order a certain amount of items for my project?

Our minimum requirement for custom orders is 24 pieces of the same garment.

5.  Where are your shirts produced? Are they ethically made?

We are a founder of Allmade Apparel. We put the needs of the people and planet first, creating a positive impact you can feel good about.

6.  How do you print your shirts?

We use screen printing to get the designs on our fabric. The screen printed ink becomes part of the fabric, as opposed to heat pressed which just sits on top of the fabric. This makes our products better since heat-pressed items crack and fade easier over time and through washing.

7.  Do you pay your team a living wage?

See above. We love our team and think they deserve to be treated well!

8.  How do you recycle or keep toxic chemicals out of your shop?

We utilize a special filtration system for our inks and chemicals so they don't go into our water. Check out our Sustainability page to see what else we're doing!

9.  Are there any discounts for non-profits?

You bet! We offer a 10% discount on all custom orders for non-profits.

10.  How do I know how many shirts of each size to order?

Figuring out sizing can be tough if you don't know everyone's size! Luckily we have this handy calculator to help you figure out how many shirts of each size you'll likely want to get. Just input the quantity of garments you're ordering and the calculator will figure out how many of each size you need.

RAD Custom Printing Projects

Customer Testimonials

"I worked with RAD on a large and complex order of custom shirts for my business. It involved multiple designs and colors and a wide variety of sizes. The RAD team nailed it perfectly, producing the entire order exactly on schedule as promised. Thorughout the shirt selection, quoting, updating and delivery process they were top-notch professionals. I'll never go anywhere else for my professional apparel needs!"

Scott M.

"RAD is outstanding at what they do! A few months ago I needed to order shirts for a fundraising event. After getting quotes from numerous places, I went with RAD to do the work because of where they get their shirts from, the quality of their work, and their customer service. Will definitely be going with them again for any future needs!!"

Gina B.

"Can't say enough about how awesome my experience was working with Rockford Art Deli. They were fast to respond, easy to work with and they offer extremely fair prices for custom work. The Allmade shirts are so soft, and their discharge printing process is really cool. If you are looking for custom shirts, go here. Two thumbs up, 5/5 starrs, 100% fresh."

Peter B.

Screen Printing Quote

Let us help you with your next custom screen printing project! Fill out the form below or get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, give us a shout at

(Don't forget, we offer 10% off on all orders for non-profits.)

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