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A Print Shop with a Purpose

RAD was established to promote the pride of our community. We wanted to give you a voice to love on the place you call home. And now, we want to take that further. We’ve always said we want to change the city one t-shirt at a time, but what if we could change more? Through your purchases of RAD’s sustainable printing and products, we can all play a role in protecting the earth.


We know we don’t have sustainability down to perfection, but we can humbly say, that we are working as hard as we can at RAD to protect this beautiful planet. Here are some ways we work at this daily:

  • Using water-based ink
  • Allmade founder
  • Creating pillows from ruined shirts
  • Sourcing from other brands that care about the earth (United by Blue, Topo, Ecobags, Coalatree)
  • Giving discounts for using reusable tote bag
  • Selling products made from recycled materials
  • Using sustainable packaging
  • RAD Trade-In Program
  • No sweatshop shirts in the store
  • Using bamboo receipt paper
  • Utilizing a filtration system for inks/chemicals so they don't go into our water
  • Providing 100% recycled paper bags
  • Encouraging customers to use everyday resuables (straws, cups, etc.)
  • Using Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and tissues


Being good to the Earth means absolutely nothing if you aren’t also good to your neighbors. At RAD, we have a social responsibility to our team members, our community, and to every hand that touches our business, from where we source our shirts, to the factories our shirts are produced, all the way to how our products are delivered to your front door and our shop racks.


RAD is conscientious about our printing practices and their impact on people and the environment. We are always carefully considering the types of inks, chemicals, and filtration systems used, as well as the shirts they are printed on to ensure we are making the smallest environmental footprint possible.

...and Pepper

Not only is Pepper the best shop dog around, she's also doing her part to help the planet. By using collars, leashes, and carrying bags made of recycled materials (not to mention the biodegradable dog waste bags), Pepper makes sure she's being as sustainable as RAD. Eco-friendly dog products from United by Blue and Wilderdog are sold at RAD.

Our Social Responsibility

We believe in you. And because we like you, and we like our city, and we really like this planet, we focus on curating only ethically made/eco-friendly products. Every time you buy from us, you are helping the earth!


We cultivate community by supporting local businesses, nonprofits, and artists. RAD supports the local community in a variety of ways:

  • Silent auction and raffle donations
  • Collab shirts (ex. Eight Fifteen Capitol, Rock Valley College, Rockford Area Arts Council)
  • Selling products from local businesses (Craft & Foster, Rockford Roasting Company, Canine Crunchery)
  • Rockford Chamber of Commerce member

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