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RADventure Club Rewards FAQs

  • How do I sign up for the RADventure Club Loyalty Program? +

    Signing up is easy! Click on the “Join Now” button at the top of this page and create an account, providing your name, email and password. It’s free to join and you will automatically be signed up to receive emails about updates to your account and reminders when you have points to use.

  • What are the perks of being a member of the RADventure Club? +

    The RADventure Club is a tiered program, so the more you engage with us, the more points (and perks!) you earn. Once you're in a higher tier, you'll have access to exclusive perks like surprise double points days and bonuses when you make a certain amount of purchases.

  • Where can I find my rewards info? +

    All of your rewards info is on this page above. If you don’t see anything, make sure you’re logged in first. You’ll be able to see how many points you have accumulated, what tier you’re in, and what rewards you have available to redeem.

  • Does it cost anything to begin earning points? +

    Nope! It’s completely free to join, and you earn points automatically whenever you make a purchase or complete any of the other ways to earn points listed above.

  • What are some easy ways to earn points? +

    You can earn points by shopping at RAD (in store, online or on the app), following us on social media, reviewing an item you purchased, or simply having a birthday! All of the different ways to earn points are outlined on the loyalty page on the RAD website.

  • How do I redeem points? +

    Exchanging your points for rewards is easy! When you’re logged into your RADventure Club account on the website, the possible rewards you can receive will be highlighted so you can see what you have available. To redeem a discount, click the “redeem” button you choose, and copy the code to include in your checkout with your items.

    If you’re using the RAD mobile app, make sure you’re logged into your rewards account before going to checkout. Once at checkout, you can click on the little badge icon in the upper right corner to choose a reward to redeem. No need to copy any code, just select the discount and it will be applied to your cart!

  • Can I use points when shopping in-store, or is it only available online? +

    You can definitely use your points in-store! When you’re checking out, just be sure to mention your email address associated with your rewards account and the RAD employee will be able to see what rewards you have available to redeem and use.

  • Do my points expire? +

    Earned Reward points will remain in your Rewards balance with no expiration as long as you continue to make purchases on our website at least once every 12 months. However, all points remaining in your Rewards balance will expire after 12 months if no purchases have been made during that time. The only action that needs to be taken to extend the eligibility of points in your Rewards balance is to make a purchase with us. Points eligibility will not be extended by earning points for completing an action such as leaving a review or referring a friend.

  • How do I move up tiers? +

    The more you shop with us, the closer you get to moving up tiers! Anyone that signs up for a RADventure Club account is automatically placed into the RAD Scout tier. If you spend $250 - $499 you move up to a RAD Camper, spend $500+ you’re a RAD Explorer. Each higher tier comes with its own set of perks and rewards.

  • How do I know when I reach a new tier? +

    Once you cross a tier threshold, you’ll receive an email from RAD welcoming you into the new tier. You can also log into your RADventure Club reward account on the website any time and your current tier will be displayed.

  • Why didn’t I earn points on a purchase? +

    You need to be logged into your account to earn points for purchases. If you’re signed in as a guest, the purchase will not be associated with your account. (If you have made a purchase as a guest and want to add those points to your account, please contact us directly.) You also won’t receive points if you return your purchase or your purchase was canceled for any reason. Please note that any points you earn on a purchase you later return will be deducted from your point balance.

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