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Trade In Your Used RAD Gear

You know to recycle plastic water bottles and paper, but did you know it's equally as important to recycle clothing? In the United States, only about 15% of textiles are recycled. This means that the rest is added to landfills and contributes more harm to the planet. When clothing sits in landfills (for hundreds of years!), it can break down and produce byproducts like methane that can harm the air, water, and land.

We at Rockford Art Deli want to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can, so we have set up the RAD Trade-In program where you can trade in your gently-used RAD gear, and in exchange we will give you a $5 or $10 credit to purchase new RAD apparel that same day.

Together we can make this planet a better place to live for us and future generations! (Learn more about RAD's sustainability efforts here!)

How It Works


Find your gently-used RAD apparel that's still in good condition.


Bring your clothes in to the shop to trade (making sure they don't have any rips, stains, tears, or broken zippers).


Receive a $5 credit for tees or $10 credit for sweatshirts / hoodies to be used that day on other RAD apparel.


Your gently-used apparel is sanitized and hung on the RAD Trade-In rack for other RAD customers to purchase at a discounted rate!

Trade-In Rules

Rockford Art Deli has the final say if apparel is in good condition to be eligible for the trade-in program. Only Rockford Art Deli apparel is able to be traded in (RAD custom apparel, Here for Good, and Free Print Day shirts are not eligible). The $5 or $10 credit must be used the day the trade is made and can only be used for apparel purchases. Limit one credit per transaction.


Still love your RAD shirt but it needs a little love? We are offering repairs for free! If your fave RAD shirt has a popped seam or loose thread, bring it on by to Rockford Art Deli and we can help! We work with local tailoring company, Tad More Tailoring, to help get your shirts in better condition, at no charge to you! We want to make sure your RAD clothing has a long lifespan and you can continue to radventure in your favorite tees.

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