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RAD Free Print Day

What is Free Print Day? We're glad you asked! It's an exclusive event where you can walk away with a tee that is only available on that day. It's sort of like a secret club with you and 3,000 of your closest friends. You bring in a blank tee on the event day, and we print the exclusive design on your of charge! Have questions? Scroll down and view our FAQs.

It's been an amazing journey watching Free Print Day grow! When we first started, we printed under 100 prints per Free Print Day. Now we have printed close to 3,000 prints on more popular holidays! We love giving back to the community and seeing these one-day-only shirts in the wild. Thanks, Rockford!


Want to see your FPD photo included in our gallery? Make sure you tag @RockfordArtDeli in your pic on social media!

2023 Free Print Day Schedule

✅ April 15
Earth Day

✅ July 1
Fourth of July

✅ August 12
815 Day (LIVE print, not free)

✅ October 28

December 16

holiday free print day - December 16

Join us on Saturday, December 16 from 10am - 2pm for our holiday Free P!int Day! Bring in a blank shirt and you can get this festive design printed for FREE! Just remember that it will be printed with black ink.

RAD Free Print Day FAQ

Where do I find Free Print Day?

Free Print Day happens at Rockford Art Deli in downtown Rockford, Illinois. (402 E. State Street, 61104 to be exact.)

When is Free Print Day?

Typically, Free Print Days are the Saturdays immediately before the holiday. There are exceptions to the rules, of course, and sometimes they're on different days. You can find the exact days of this year's FPD schedule above or our Facebook/Instagram pages.

What time is Free Print Day?

It does depend on the day, but it's typically 10am - 6pm. Please check our advertisements per each event to get information for that specific date.

How does Free Print Day work?

Bring in any blank shirt (something that contains cotton) and we'll print on it for free.

What kind of shirt should I bring?

Our printing works best on shirts that have at least SOME cotton. If your shirt doesn't contain any cotton, we don't guarantee that the print will not wash off eventually. We would also suggest that you hand wash your garment. NOTE: Anything with pockets or buttons will automatically get printed on the back.

Can I bring in an old shirt?

New is better for printing on.

Can you print on a kids tee or onesie?

Yes. We always create a screen that is small enough for the tiny tees!

Is there a limit per person?

Yep! 4 shirts per person.

Can I bring in something other than a t-shirt?

Yes! As long as the item has cotton. We typically see these items: t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, dresses, scrubs, and pillow cases.

Where can I find a blank tee?

Start by looking in your closet! If you don't find anything there, some other places with affordable, comfortable blank tees are Old Navy, H&M, or Target. We sometimes have blanks shirts available for sale at RAD...but not every time, so come prepared!

Can I pre-order my shirt?

It depends on the Free Print Day. We sometimes offer preorders for people out of town or those who can't make the event. Sometimes the preorder designs are even in an exclusive different color! Stay tuned for each date to see if preorders will be offered.

Why is the preorder $20?

Valid question. It isn't free for a couple reasons: it's a lot more overhead to run the online store; it covers supplies & labor for packing; and it's something limited to people that can't come in and/or want the assurance of securing their shirt conveniently from home. Anyone can come in to the event with their own shirt and get the print for FREE!

Can I exchange my preorder shirt once I have it?

All preorder sales are final, so there are no exchanges or returns of Free Print Day preorders.

How long does it take to get my free print shirt?

Your shirt will be printed on the same day. The wait in line depends on how many people are ahead of you. You get to watch the shirts being made, or browse the shop while you wait! The printing generally only takes a few minutes. Sometimes the wait can be 20 minutes when it's extra busy.

How do I know what the free print design is?

The design is always themed for the corresponding holiday. We always release the design at least a week ahead of time on Facebook, Instagram and email. The design is always in black.

What color shirt should I bring?

The ink is always black. The darker your shirt color, the harder it will be to see the print. We will certainly still print it for you, sometimes the black on black shirts look awesome!

Ok, but is the print really free?

Yes, it definitely is free! The only expense you have is if you purchase one of our blank tees for the print or if you preorder your shirt.


  • We do not offer refunds or exchanges on free prints.
  • Anything with pockets or buttons will automatically get printed on the back.
  • If your shirt doesn’t contain any cotton, we cannot guarantee the print will remain on your shirt for the long run, we will not replace your shirt if it washes off.
  • We do not hold shirts or print at a later date. If you are unable to make it to the event and we do not have a preorder option, we suggest you find someone to come in for you.

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