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Live Printing

RAD Live Printing

Event Live Printing

Looking to make your next event memorable and unique? Rockford Art Deli can come print LIVE on site for your next big event! We have a portable press we can take on the go so we can do live screen printing wherever you are. We offer a 4-hour package where we come and print, and your guests leave with a RAD piece of swag!

Contact us for a quote today! We know that every event is unique, and we are happy to quote based on your specific needs. We also have discounts for multiple events booked in advance.

What type of event?

We're open to any kind of event! It could be a company picnic, product launch, employee appreciation day, marketing event, giveaway, etc.

What items are offered?

You can choose between a basic tee, an Allmade tee, or a canvas tote bag. Each one is a different price point. Minimum requirement of 50 items.

What space is required?

Usually we need a 10x10 sq. ft. space (but we have fit into smaller spaces if necessary). We also will need a 110 V outlet with 15+ amp breaker.

What RAD Provides

  • Two (2) or more RAD "Print Team" members
  • Optional register to sell shirts on site
  • One or two screen printing stations
  • Up to four custom designs for the event (if you would like more, you will need to provide 4 days before the event)
  • Inks, screens and apparel
  • All set-up and tear down

Preprinting Option

We offer the option to preprint your order prior to the event. Preprinting is a great option if you want to print a company or sponsor logo in a separate location (ex. sleeve, back) than the main print location. Preprinting can also detract from having any lines or delays. For example, you book us for 4 hours but expect to hand out 600 shirts. We can preprint 300 shirts at our facility, then set up and print the other 300 shirts live. This still allows the excitment of the live print, and output a high volume!

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Have an event where you'd like Rockford Art Deli to do some live printing? Fill out the form below to tell us a little about your event and we'll get back to you with a quote.

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