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Tarot for the Great Outdoors

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A centuries-old playing card system commonly used for divination, self-exploration, and to shed light on personal or universal issues, tarot is experiencing a surge in popularity. Lovers of the outdoors will delight in Tarot for the Great Outdoors, a fully functional tarot deck centered on favorite places and pastimes. Whether it’s a windsurfing Queen of Vessels; a Two of Stones that depicts friends selecting a camping spot; or Castleton Tower near Moab, known for its climbing routes, representing the Tower—this deck is packed with adventure. With a diverse range of people portrayed on the cards, everyone can feel like they belong in the outdoors, from sleeping beneath the stars at Joshua Tree National Park or watching a sunrise at Acadia National Park. The cards are accompanied by a conveniently sized booklet that explains how to do both simple and more complex readings, and what each card may mean, along with three "cheat-sheet" cards that offer quick refreshers.
Product Details

  • Mountaineers Books 78-card deck & guidebook
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 in
  • By Jo Gordon; Illustrations by Sharisse Steber

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