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Bushel & Peck's Pow Pow Powder

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pinpoint iconMade in the Midwest

Pow POW! B&P seasonings have minimal ingredients; no fillers, additives, or preservatives; and add a burst of flavor to whatever you're cookin' up. Peppers sourced from local farms are dried and blended with delicious combinations of local ingredients to make distinct, zesty spice blends.

This Fresno Pepper spicy sriracha salt tastes just like sriracha, but better! Nice Medium Heat that goes great on eggs!

Ingredients:  Fresno peppers, garlic, salt, and honey.

About Bushel & Peck's:
Bushel & Peck's is a small, artisan food company located in Beloit, Wisconsin. They specialize in making small batch preserved foods from Midwestern ingredients, many coming from their own organic farm.

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