what the heck is free print day ?

well, we’re glad you asked! it’s an exclusive event where you can walk away with a tee that is only available on that day. it’s sort of like a secret club with you and 1500 of your closest friends.

where do I find a free print day?

it all happens at Rockford Art Deli in downtown Rockford, IL 402 e state street, 61104 – to be exact.

when is free print day?

typically, free print days are the Saturday immediately before the holiday between the hours of 10A – 6P. there are exceptions to the rules, of course, & sometimes they’re on different days. you can find out all of the information on our facebook / Instagram for accurate dates.

what time is free print day ?

it does depend on the day but is typically 10A – 6P. please check our advertisements per each event to get information for that specific date.

what holidays do you celebrate with a free print?

february: valentine’s day
march: st. patrick’s day
march / April: spring
july: 4th of July
august Rockford ( 815 ) day – this is a LIVE print, it is not free
september: RAD’s birthday
october: Halloween
december: winter


so, how does free print day work?

bring in any blank shirt ( something that contains cotton ) & we’ll print on it, for free. if you don’t have a blank tee, you can purchase one in the shop for 10$ (sizes/quantities/colors limited to first come first served ). refer to our chart below to see the flow & how it works from beginning to end once you enter the building.

what kind of shirt should I bring?

our printing works best on shirts that have at least SOME cotton. if your shirt doesn’t contain any cotton, we don’t guarantee that the print will not wash off eventually. we would also suggest that you hand wash your garment.

can I bring in an old shirt?

yes, new or old – we’ll print on it!

can you print on a kids tee or onesie?

yes. we always create a screen that is small enough for the tiny tees!

is there a limit per person?

we don’t have a limit, we just ask you to use common sense. we love that you’re interested in sharing the love of a free print with family & friends.

can I bring in something other than a t-shirt?

yes ! as long as the item has cotton. we typically see these items : t-shirt / hoodie / sweatshirt / dresses / scrubs / pillow cases

where can I find a blank tee?

start by looking in your closet ! if you don’t find anything there, here are some other places with affordable, comfortable blank tees :
old navy / h&m / target

can I pre-order my 10$ shirt?

we do not allow pre-ordering of any free print design. 10$ shirts are first come, first served.

how do I get one of your super soft shirts?

for 10$ each, you can get a super soft tee from us. sizes range from XS – 3X and are available on the day of the free print. these are sold on a first come, first served basis with sizes/colors/quantities not guaranteed.

how long does it take to get my free print shirt?

your shirt will be printed on the same day. the wait in line depends on how many people are ahead of you. you get to watch the shirts being made, or browse the shop while you wait ! the printing generally only takes a few minutes. sometimes the wait can be 20 minutes when it’s extra busy.

how do I know what the free print design is?

the design is always themed for the corresponding holiday. we always release the design at least a week ahead of time on twitter, facebook, Instagram & also our free print page online. the design is always black with the exception of 4th of July, which is red/ white/blue.

what color shirt should I bring?

the ink is always black with the exception of 4th of July, which is red/ white/blue. the darker your shirt color, the harder it will be to see the print. we will certainly still print it for you, sometimes the black on black shirts look awesome!

ok, but is the print really free?

yes – it definitely is free! the only expense you have is if you purchase one of our tees for the print.

Rockford Art Deli™ - RAD Free Print Day


  • we do not offer refunds on free prints
  • if your shirt doesn’t contain any cotton, we cannot guarantee the print will remain on your shirt for the long run, we will not replace your shirt if it washes off
  • we do not hold shirts, pre-print shirts or print at a later date. if you are unable to make it to the event, we suggest you find someone to come in for you.