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Bushel & Peck's Fatalii Attraction Hot Sauce

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Fatalii Attraction. We all love it so much. It's addictive and so pretty. B&P's makes this sauce with a rare Italian pepper called Fatalii. Because it's hot. Up there on the Scoville scale, this pepper is combined with sweet yellow bell peppers and a touch of citrus to create a perfectly refined hot sauce.

Ingredients: bell pepper, vinegar, onion, fatalii pepper, carrots, grapefruit, salt, garlic, mustard powder, turmeric.

About Bushel & Peck's:
Bushel & Peck's is a small, artisan food company located in Beloit, Wisconsin. They specialize in making small batch preserved foods from Midwestern ingredients, many coming from their own organic farm.

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