Born & Raised

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This one’s for you, Rockford natives!  If you were lucky enough to be born & raised in Rockford, while the rest of us were adopted by the city, we have the perfect tee to show your hometown pride. Make your friends jealous to be raised in such a magical place ! 


Make it Better with a RAD tee !

This shirt is made from :

Recycled polyester : each tee saves 6 water bottles from the landfill & repurposes it into your shirt
Organic cotton : grown in TX & processed in South Carolina
Modal : a better version of rayon that is actually softer & more durable. this bio-based textile is created from the fibers of the beech tree.

Once the fabric is created it's shipped to Haiti to a living wage facility where employees are able to make 5X their living wages. This gives them the ability to keep their children & also provide healthcare to their families.

& to make it even better : we use waterbased & eco friendly products throughout our shop to ensure you are putting less chemicals on your body.

So basically what we're saying is : we literally know where each piece of the shirt has been & who has touched it. How often can you say that about your garments ?

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