Radder Together

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We should have known that when a pandemic was announced, you would not let it take your community down.

We’ve watched teachers rally to make learning available for students.  We’ve watched you taking groceries to the elderly.  And we continue to witness you continue to support your local restaurants and businesses.

We aren’t going to sugar coat it.  This is unsteady ground for small businesses.  We are taking it day by day, doing our best to continue to pay staff.  We’re not sure if we’ll need to close for safety, and we want you to stay home and safe if you can, but our employees need to be paid and we figured, instead of carrying this alone, we’d share it with you, so we could try to move forward, together.

Years ago, a group of people from Rockford Illinois banded together to build a better future and you poured into the businesses downtown.  You wore the 815 with pride and supported it with your investment.  We know, and already see, you doing that now.

Purchases of this t-shirt support the viability of Rockford Art Deli and the ability to keep our staff employed.  But they also tell the story of this community- a community who refuses to let a virus take down all you have fought to establish in a city everyone else had all but given up on.  

Because whatever happens, Rockford, we will be Radder, Together- socially distanced or not.

Brand: Allmade

Shirt color: Space Black

Print: White and Green

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